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Our company, “S. Patsopoulos S.A. - ZANTE GREECE INTERNATIONAL” was established in 1995. The owners are civil engineers by profession.

Our experience in construction dates back to 1971. In the past 35 years the company has constructed numerous buildings, houses, hotels, sports facilities, public facilities and industrial buildings. Furthermore, we have participated in the restoration of some older buildings of timeless architectural value.

The company has played a very substantial role in the construction of the sports facilities used in “Athens 2004 Olympic Games”.

Our extensive experience, spanning more than three decades, enables us to offer our customers the best in luxury building construction, ensuring a successful investment.

If you choose to employ our construction company, you'll have a definite advantage working closely with our engineers to add your personal touch to your residence or holiday home, regardless of the construction phase it's already in. We work hard to create your dream home, molding your ideas and wishes into reality.

As Zakynthians, we are hospitable by nature - this, in combination to our experience as hotel owners since 1987 “Laganas” Hotel enables us to offer you a chance to live your myth in Zakynthos! Laganas Hotel Zante Zakynthos Greece

We are looking forward to a successful business relationship with you!


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